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This site is daily updated with all the New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers and Solutions. NY Times Crossword is one of the most popular publications in the US and has been edited for over 2 decades now by the world-renown Mr Will Shortz. Our website is one of the oldest and largest crossword archives with a total of over 1 million crossword clues in our database.

New York Times Crossword May 19 2022 Answers

Today's puzzle has a total of 78 clues

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Firstly crosswords started becoming popular in the early 1920’s but we had to wait until 1942 so that the world-famous New York Times published its first crossword on the Sunday’s edition. The readers were initially surprised as crosswords so far were labeled by the same newspapers as worthless and “a primitive form of mental exercise”. The novelty proved itself over time to be worth and readers began getting used to it as they needed something to occupy themselves during blackouts or their free leisure time. So, in 1950 the crossword on the New York Times became a daily feature and the very first published puzzle crossword was uncrowned even to this day. The current editor of one of the world’s most famous crosswords is Will Shortz that has been editing the crossword since 1993 and who also founded and runs even nowadays the annual ‘American Crossword Puzzle Tournament’ along with the ‘Word Puzzle Championship’, where he also carries the title of the captain of the US team.

Since its early beginnings to this day the New York Times’ crossword has grown an enormous fan base from all over the world. Nowadays the crossword puzzle is published daily in the New York Times as well as online at the newspaper’s official website and at the same time it’s syndicated to more than 300 other newspapers and various magazines. The famous crossword is also inevitably available as a mobile app. The crossword puzzle gets increasingly difficult throughout the week, as the easiest one is considered the puzzle on Monday and the most difficult one on Saturday. The Sunday’s crossword goes out in the iconic New York Times Magazine and is mostly intended to be as difficult as the Thursday’s puzzle. The classic touchstone of the daily crossword is always 15 squares x 15 squares, except on Sundays where it measures exactly 21 x 21 squares.

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